Orange Bowl 2006

Orange Bowl 2006 - Penn State Game Action

Tom Mairs, 215-884-5250,

The first and probably one of the most popular images is the Winning Field Goal by Kevin Kelly. The ball can clearly be seen, and the next picture illustrates this even further with the ball circled. Kevin had missed two previous field goals that would have sealed the victory and now had a chance to redeem himself. This was a very difficult picture, as I was using a 22 megapixel camera with a steady cam (thirty additional pounds) to hold the camera still while I took the picture. I was on the top of a ladder with my son bracing the bottom. I composed and did the best I could when he kicked it. This picture is in the PSU FB office 60 inches long and can also be viewed at Damon’s Ribs and the Student Book Store on College Ave.

Orange Bowl 2006

Pricing for non-panoramics 16x20 $149.00, 20x24 $199.00, 24x30 $249.00. 30x40 $299.00 Framed prices 16x20 $369.00, 20x24 $449.00, 24x30 $499.00, 30x40 $599.00.  Prints can also be made 40x60 and larger. Tom Mairs, 215-884-5250,

Below is the panoramic version of the Winning Field Goal. Jason Gantor is jumping with his hands outstretched as the ball sails cleanly thorough the goalposts (ball can be seen). Print is 36 inches long and 12 inches high and sells for $125.00 unframed and $399.00 framed, double matted with black wood, black mahogany, cherry or any other wood you desire. I can match almost any frame in the United States you choose, I am just listing the most popular.

Orange Bowl 2006
Orange Bowl

Austin Scott Touchdown

Austin Scott scores an overtime touchdown in front of the Penn State student section for one of the most exciting Orange Bowl moments. PRICING (SEE ABOVE FOR NON PANORAMICS). Call or email for details, see this one framed

Austin Scott Touchdown Crowd Celebration

Above shows the detail of the print as it captures the excitement of the TD. Actual detail is much sharper than can be shown on the web.
PRICING: See above, FOR NON-PANORAMICS: Call or email for details, several options available. 

Orange Bowl 2006

Austin Scott runs for difficult yards during the first quarter. Austin saved his best performance of his career for the Orange Bowl, rushing for well over 100 yards and to a large extent a major factor in the big win. If you were sitting near the 30, 40 or 50 yard line (in the background) in the first few rows, chances are you are clearly visible in the picture. The complete image of the fans is not shown, but I can email it to you. Prices: the same as Non Panoramics at top of page.

Orange Bowl 2006

2005 Offense led by the great leader Michael Robinson. Michael led by example and waited patiently for his opportunity to perform full time as a starting quaterback. His perseverence paid off and Michael's name is enshrined with some of Penn State's greatest players. Prices: See top of page for non panoramics

Orange Bowl 2006

THE SIDELINE : This might be the most impressive panoramic print created. The image captures the Penn State sideline from the 30 yard line to the 30 yard line, with Coach Paterno clearly visible. The entire image is 14 feet long and goes from endzone to endzone. This creation is only a part of a very long print. If your seat was behind the team, you can probably see yourself. It (30 yard line to 30 yard line) is framed and on the wall 8 feet long in the Penn State football office. Unframed 40 inches long is $199.00 and framed with a blue outer and white speckle inner mat, college pins and black wood or black mahogany frame is $449.00