Old Main

Early November


This image was created on an early November morning. November traditionally has some of the most beautiful skies of the year. The sun had lit up Old Main beautifully and was complimented by a gorgeous blue sky. The auburn leaves in the foreground add intensity and I also waited for the man in the brief case and official looking dress coat to walk into the scene and be framed between two columns of Old Main.

PRICES: Unframed: 16x20 $149, 20x24 $199, 24x30 $249, 30x40 $299

Framed: 16x20 $369, 20x24 449, 24x30 $499, 30x40 $599

Prices for non panoramic images, Early November , The Lion, Early Spring, and October

Sizes are not limited to 30x40. 40x60 and beyond is possible. Also prints can be done on stretched canvas. (Look out for this announcement)

Homecoming 2009

HOMECOMING MORNING: It was Homecoming 2009 October 17, 2009 and Penn State and Minnesota played in a partial snowstorm. I could not sell my pictures because of the weather, but I was determined to not put the day to waste. I created this panorama with a rotating panoramic camera with a 150mm lens. I was not disappointed and this has turned out to be very popular: it has beautiful Fall foliage, green grass and nice framing of Old Main with a great panoramic view.

Fall Foliage

Penn State

FALL FOLIAGE: This day, October 29, 2011 was the day of the Illinois game (Joe Paterno's last coaching day). Once again, it was snowing in October. I decided to tour the campus to try some memorable images. This one of the Mall I am very pleased with. Great foliage, large snowflakes, green grass and fabulous ambiance. This looks good in living room, dining room or almost anywhere in your house; a great wall portrait for any Penn Stater!

The Lion

The Lion

This image took me three years to capture. It was taken on an overcast December morning as I was on my way to the 1997 Football Banquet. As soon as I saw the final result, I knew I had a print that would stand through time. Notice the light around the eye and the granite base below the chin. I took the image as I would pose a human in a profile, utilizing the light at a 45 degree angle to the right.

The Lion

The Lion I

It was 7:00 AM on May 12, 2011. The Penn State Maintenance Department had finished cleaning the Lion Statue for the legions of new graduates who would be waiting in long lines for a photo opportunities with family and friends.

I took this opportunity to photograph the "clean" Lion at a low angle creating a dramatic view. The cherry trees in the background only flower for three days around graduation time.

This beautiful image could be yours in an 8x10 size for $35.00 (shipping included) unframed shipped rolled in a tube. Each print is individually printed and signed. For other stadard prices, go to PayPal pricing link on the left column of the HomePage. Look for Standard print prices.


The Lion

The Lion II

This is the same print as above only converted to the black and white version. It is quickly becoming a favorite.


See pricing information above.


The Lion

The Lion in Winter

It was January 26, 2004 and I had made a special trip to State College anticipating the snow. I tried to get this photograhed at the peak of the storm before the inevitible student "cleaning" of the Lion.

For prices see Lion I above. A beautiful piece in any Penn Stater's home.

The Lion

October Lion

I was looking for a different way to photogaph the statue. There was a beautiful blue sky and dramatic portrait lighting on the statue.

The vertical composition adds to the drama.

See the Lion I for pricing information.


The Lion

The Lion at Graduation

In the spring at graduation time the lion is beautifully framed by the blossoming cherry trees. This image was created in May of 2010 at 7:00 AM.

Using the side view to "capture" the majestic statue with the light being forced in from the right created a "stunning" image perfect for any new graduate.

For pricing information, see the Lion I description above

Nittany Lion Inn

Nittany Lion Inn

This popular image showcases the original side of the Nittany Lion Inn. The soft, muted colors of the leaves on an overcast October day lend a serene atmosphere to the most popular social gathering spot on the campus.

Prices the same as University Park Snow Scene below

Nittany Lion Inn

The Nittany Lion Inn on campus always looks beautiful on the outside and in, but at Christmas, they go all out.

Old Main Early Spring

Early Spring

It was the first day of Spring 2001 and I was driving home to Philadelphia when the snow started. I knew that I could get an interesting image of Old Main, so I turned around and set up my tripod in the mud. I saw the girl in the yellow umbrella coming from the left and waited for five minutes until she reached the position to the right of the flag. It adds a little color to an otherwise dreary day.


Old Main Snow

PRICES:Unframed 24" long $75, 32" long $125, 40" long $199, 48" long $299, 54" long $349

Framed: 24" print 15x31 framed $225, 32" print 17x40 framed$369, 40" print 23x48 framed $499, 48" print 26 x55 framed $599, 54" print 30x62 framed $675

University Park Snow Scene 2004

This image is by far the most popular one I have ever created on campus. It was January 2004 and there was an 18-inch snowfall. I had stayed the night to wait for the opportunity to photograph the campus during and after the snow. To create this image, I waited until the snow stopped. If I had waited another 2 hours there would be no snow on the branches and the image would have lost all its drama. A scene like this might not occur for another ten years.

See how it looks over a fireplace mantle.

See it framed.

Old Main Fall 1993

October, Fall 1993

Taken in late October morning, this image has remained as one of my most popular . Old Main is framed by the Auburn leaves in the foreground, creating a striking three dimensional look.