Old Main

University Park - Old Main

This image was created during late twilight. It was meant to be dramatic framed by the trees and using a low angle to create. The capture is made even more dramatic with the bluish sky and evening lights of Old Main glowing in the darkness. Very popular image and available for $35.00 including shipping (one price) as an 8x10. Print will be shipped in a tube. All my 8x10 prints are also available in large traditional sizes. 11x14, 16x20, 20x24, 24x30, and 30x40.

See new Old Main Winter 2013 shots.

Penn State

Old Main

Sunday Morning

Old Main on Sunday Morning 11/03/13. I awoke on Sunday morning to a blue sky with some clouds with wind, and a rising sun that I knew was "spotlighting" Old Main. I hurried to College Ave. and was not disappointed with the autumn leaves complimenting the scene.

Penn State

Old Main Street View

Old Main can be photographed many ways and from the street is an excellent example. It offers "framing" by the foreground trees, great view of Old Main itself with the flag poles and flags (blowing in wind) if visible (they are visible in this image, you just have to look again), and a nice sky (preferably blue with some clouds). This is one of my favorite Autumn images. Photographed Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013. You can have an 8x10 of this print for $35 shipped to your house (shipping included). Go to www.tommairs.com, Pay Pal page, bottom link on the left of the home page.

Old Main

Old Main

Graduation Day 2013

Absolutely stunning view, close with all the details. Graduation 2013 was "picture perfect".

Old Main

Old Main Path

Old Main on graduation day May 5, 2013. This is a beautiful view of Old Main on graduation day. How many times have you made this walk on this beautiful campus?

Old Main in Snow

Old Main, Blue Sky

It is not as easy as you might think to get a good picture of Old Main. I was able to capture this with a crisp blue sky, snow on the ground and most importantly the flags waving, which add so much to an image highlighting Pennsylvania and the USA. Print sells for $35 framed, which includes the shipping. Shipped rolled in a tube. Also sold in traditional sizes as described in the above print.

Old Main

Old Main in Fall

This beautiful view of Old Main on October 14, 2011 illustrates the ever changing Old Main landscape. This day was overcast with no shadows and beautiful foliage.

Old Main

Old Main in October

This image is similar to some others, but was produced with a 11mm lens (almost a fisheye lens). You can clearly see the walkways on both sides lighted for the evening. Taken in mid-October 2011. Very dramatic and a nice image for your Penn State room.

Old Main

Old Main Twilight

Early October 2011. Beautiful image of Old Main at twilight. Very popular.

Old Main

Old Main Spring

The Daffodils at Penn State are magnificent and there is no place like Old Main to display them. Check them out next April.

Old Main

Old Main Blue Sky 

Image created in October of 2004, Very Impressive Blue Sky, flags waving, great color and Fall foliage. It has it all.

Old Main

Old Main December

This beautiful day December 10, 2010 presented an opportunity I could not give up. I was driving on College Ave. and noticed the Main Building (as it was called until the current one was rebuilt in 1929-30) all "lit up" by the early morning sun, the beautiful clouds and the blue sky. It is a keeper.

Old Main

It was December 21, 2012 and a light snow was starting. Old Main was beautiful and the town was full of last minute Christmas shoppers. In this image the focus is on the lamplight with Old Main slightly out of focus in the background. Very popular.

Old Main

Snowman at Old Main December

During a huge snow storm in State College in January of 2004, the students created a beautiful snow man guarding Old Main. Very popular image.

Old Main

Old Main Rain

Old Main on a rainy day. Photographed from the side with the person with the red and white umbrella adding interest to the scene. This is nice vertical and can be produce up to 30 inches high or more.

Old Main Fall 1993

October, Fall 1993

Taken in late October morning, this image has remained as one of my most popular . Old Main is framed by the Auburn leaves in the foreground, creating a striking three dimensional look. Available for $35.00 with the shipping included in the price. Will be shipped rolled in a tube. Also available in larger sizes as described in the top print.

Old Main

Early November

This image was created on an early November morning. November traditionally has some of the most beautiful skies of the year. The sun had lit up Old Main beautifully and was complimented by a gorgeous blue sky. The auburn leaves in the foreground add intensity and I also waited for the man in the brief case and official looking dress coat to walk into the scene and be framed between two columns of Old Main. sold as an 8x10 for $35.00 rolled in a tube and also as larger sizes decribed in the top print.

Homecoming 2009

See special page regarding picture above.

Old Main Snow

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