Ohio State

Beaver Stadium - "Saturday Night Lights"

"Saturday Night Lights" was created on October 8, 2005 vs. Ohio State. Before kickoff, the Penn State captains come onto the field. I had planned this image, but had no idea that this would be one of Penn State’s biggest wins ever at Beaver Stadium. The captains and the scoreboard are in color and everything else is black and white. This is one of my most popular images.

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Beaver Stadium

Lion's Gate

I had noticed the Lion approaching the gate from the field. I decided to take mulitple exposures of the icon as he opened and finally walked through the gate. The idea is that the Lion has important business (the Penn State game and all the surrounding activities) and is on his way. This image is very popular and would be an attractive piece for any Penn Stater. This print alone including shipping in the 8 x 10 format is $35.00 unmatted or framed.


Beaver Stadium

Wisconsin - "November Sky"

"November Sky" was created during the 1st quarter of the Wisconsin game. The sky was incredible creating a picture of unparalleled clarity. This image was created from the North End zone looking South. To the viewer's left in the far corner is the student section donned with their white shirts.

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Purdue - "Club Level"

After I had created "Twilight" from the Penn State side, I just managed to get to the club level and get this image from the end zone with the little twilight remaining. It is quite spectacular. Pricing: 24 x 8 = $60, 36 x 9 = $125. Framed: Call or email for details


Wisconsin - "White Out"

Created November 5, 2005, "White Out" is a 180-degree spectacular panoramic taken during the 2nd quarter. All 20,000 students with their white shirts can be seen in the East Stands. This win left only one more victory at Michigan State to earn a top flight bid to the Orange Bowl. This was an emotional game and a huge win. Pricing: 24 x 8 print only =$60, 36 x 9 print only = $125 Framed: Call or email for pricing


Beaver Stadium

Looking towards the PSU side, it was still daylight. I managed to create this spectacular view of Beaver Stadium on an Autumn afternoon filled with 108,000 fans. It is one of the nicest views of BEAVER STADIUM ever created. Pricing: 8 x 24 = $60; 9 x 36 = $125. Framed: Call or email for details.


Lion & Cheerleaders

This dramatic image has lots of "Penn State Good Feeling."  It was taken during the National Anthem. It has become one of the favorite Penn State non-football stadium images I have produced. It is hanging proudly in many private homes and in the greeting room of the Penn State Football offices. 

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