Tom Mairs Standard Prints

What should I buy?

This subject depends upon your budget, your taste in presentation and knowledge.


The above prints are all the same (images A, B and C left to right).


Framing Image A

1. The image on the left is an 8 x 10 print of Coach Paterno, which has been double matted (two mats to add color and depth to the image). The underneath mat, in this case is white and the mat on the top is blue. Usually the darker mat is on the top, as it draws the viewer's eyes to the image (picture).

2. Before these mats are cut, the image is "heat fixed" on foam core (a stiff foam product that can be easily cut to different sizes). By "heat fixing" we mean attaching the print to the foam core using a heat press at the spot on the foam core that will allow the framer to place mats around the print.In this case, the mats were cut to allow space for the white inner and blue outer mats to fit perfectly.

3. Final step is cutting a custom wood frame to the correct corresponding size for the matts. The frame then gets a paper backing and wire for hanging. Cost of this product framed accordingly is $139.00*



Framing Image B

1. Foam core is cut to 11 x 14 size. Image is "heat fixed" to foam core (see procedure detail above).
2. An 11 x 14 white mat is cut to size with an opening for the print to be seen. No other mats are added, just a single white mat cut to 11 x 14 and everything heat fixed to the foam core.

3. Customer can purchase an 11 x 14 frame and drop matted picture in. The illustration shows one that was professionally finished with paper backing and a wire for hanging and sells complete for $79.00*0*



Framing Image C

1. Foam core is cut to 11 x 14 size. Image is "heat fixed" to foam core (see procedure detail above).

2. Plastic envelope is placed over finished product and sold as is. Customer provides his/her own framing.
$45.00 complete*

Any of my standard prints are priced this way for 8x10 prints. This is also sold as an 8x10 print alone (no matting) shipped to customer in a tube and total price for shipping and print is $35.00

*Shipping for any of the matted prints is $15.00 for one to three prints similar to above.

Any of my "standard" prints in an 8 x 10 sized are priced like this. Standard prints are 8x10, 16x20, 16x20, 20x24, 24x30, and 30x40. 11 X 14 is an 'odd' format, but is priced in between an 8x10 and a 16x20 **


** Go to our Pricing page for pricing of standard prints. Price list at the bottom. Note that 8 x 10 has two prices, one formatted and one just for the print shipped in a tube. 


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