Ohio State

The Ohio State game of 2012 (although we lost) created a special opportunity for a unique image. The stadium was spectacular and this view from the south End Zone is very similar to the cover of Sports Illustrated the week after (click on link to Ohio State images). By the time I got to the South End Zone, the sky was dark and erased the beautiful gray/silver sky. The game was close for a time, but the Buckeyes prevailed with a stronger football team. The image you see here with the museum design is not matting. It is framed in four stages. 1. Print heat mounted on masonite or foamcore. 2. Three frames are cut. Inner small black frame, white liner (linen wrapped around precut measured wood), and the outer large wood frame. Any print over sixty inches long is too big for traditional mats.

See more pictures from the 2012 Ohio State Whiteout game.

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