NY Giants

NY Giants Super Bowl Parade, Feb 5, 2008

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NY Giants

Since I live in Philadelphia and am a panoramic photographer, I could not overlook the photographic opportunity of the NY GIANTS SUPER BOWL Parade in Lower Manhattan. I drove the NJ Turnpike to Staten Island and boarded the Staten Island Ferry, located at the St. George Station on Bay Street, Staten Island, NY. The ride to Manhattan Island (a free 25 minutes with beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan) is probably the best deal in America.

I had never seen a ticker tape parade in NYC, but I found out there is a spot called the CANYON OF HEROES, which travels BROADWAY from Wall Street (where the Bull is) to City Hall, very near the Brooklyn Bridge. Many famous and great Americans have been feted in these blocks including Charles Lindbergh, Dwight Eisenhower, Jack Kennedy in addition to the first astronauts on the moon - Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. And now of course - the 2007 NY GIANTS.

When I arrived at the St. George Terminal, it was packed with GIANTS fans, but when I finally arrived in Manhattan and walked to Broadway (only about two streets from the ferry landing), there was a mass of humanity with NY Giants apparel, including shirts, jackets, flags, etc. that I could not have even imagined. Total official count for parade viewers was over two million. It actually took me 20 minutes to walk one block. I finally managed to get myself “out of the crowd” and in position to take some decent photographs. I had my “hand held” rotating panoramic camera (a tripod would have been impossible) and my strong desire to capture this image.

First were the NYPD police horses, then the police NYPD bagpipers, then a couple of high school bands, then the team family floats, and finally I heard a huge roar and spotted Michael Strahan, Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning and Mayor Bloomberg all on the same float. This panoramic is the best one I captured with all three faces looking straight ahead and the super bowl trophy being held by Mayor Bloomberg. Some of the other images (not yet posted) can be made into panoramics, since I only printed part of the picture.

This image will be reproduced 32 inches long by 11” high and will sell for $125.00. Sizes up to 8 feet and longer are possible. The small inset of the float gives you an idea of the clarity. Shipping is $12.00 UPS ground.