Sunrise & Sunsets

Within minutes one can be in Rural Pennsylvania. Take a drive from almost anyplace in the state and you will be in Farm Country within a half-hour.

Pennsylvanians sometimes do not realize the simple beauty of life outside the cities or the suburbs, which abounds in beautiful farmland, country homes and interesting shopping.

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Rural Pennsylvania

Harrisburg Farm at Sunrise

Before the Harrisburg Exit on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I have always noticed this farm as viewed out the driver window looking left. It is unique because of its hilltop setting, dramatic sunsets and sunrises,and of course the fabulous corn the land produces. This was a beautiful sunrise scene and I was excited to capture with the fresh snow as a bonus. Located about a mile before the service center on the left as you drive towards Harrisburg Exit 247.


Rural Pennsylvania

Surreal Sunset

I am always looking at the sky for sunsets, but I have never seen a sunset so dramatic and surreal as this one for years. You can't tell during the day if something like this is going to happen and I almost missed this event. This was so dramatic that people driving home from work were lined up on the side "taking it in". If you look closely, you can see silhouettes of the farms on top of the hill.


Rural Pennsylvania

Red Harrisburg Farm

If you have traveled the Pennsylvania Turnpike West towards Harrisburg from Philadelphia, you have seen this farm, although you might not know it. It is about two miles past the last rest stop before Harrisburg East. It is difficult to see going towards Harrisburg (it is on the right), but very visible traveling towards Philadelphia (it is on the left). I had the opportunity to photograph it at sunrise and I made it happen with the snow, which was an added bonus.


Rural Pennsylvania

Zion Sky Drama

Late November: Sometimes the same location photographed different ways provides different results. This time, the same farm scene that I love at sunset appears to be very small and the sky so big. The sky adds spaciousness to the scene, while the viewer still is aware of the farm, the grass and some color left in the trees.


Rural Pennsylvania

The Gloaming

This is a new word for me, but I love it. I have heard it before, but now I am putting emphasis on it for some of my images. The Gloaming (I learned this from one of my Facebook friends) is the period of day between sunset and darkness. Sunset is mostly over and the sky is getting darker, but there is still light. One description says "time of day when a young man and woman would 'sneak a kiss' unintruded"...



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