Tom Mairs

Tom MairsMy love affair for Penn state started when I was a child visiting my paternal grandfather, T.I. Mairs, a Penn State College professor of Agriculture. Those visits planted the seeds of devotion to State College, Penn State and Penn State Football, which I had watched on the old Beaver Field adjacent to Rec Hall. I became a “walk on” player in 1961 and have a story similar to the famous “Rudy” of Notre Dame. (credit: Jim Petrosky, 2010)

I was always interested in photography, but had little knowledge of composition, lighting, and exposure. I mastered these techniques through self study and seminars and video tapes presented by some of the world’s greatest portrait and landscape photographers.

Currently, I specialize in panoramic photography using rotating cameras. Perfect subjects are stadiums, panoramic team setups, cityscapes and landscapes. My clients include Penn State, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University, Moravian College, Muhlenberg College, University of Delaware, and most recently, Wesley College.


Tom Mairs, 215-884-5250,